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Lightning Fast

Note down the important stuff faster than ever
No Switching of windows or tabs. Take notes from wherever you are.
Just click on the extension icon and access your notes.

Works Offline

The app works flawlessly, even without an internet connection. There are no loading animations to waste your time or lose that important thought in your mind.

Beautiful Themes

Gorgeous & Handpicked themes available as per your taste. There are many themes you can choose - sunset, rainbow, evergreen, glowing birds. You will love them all.

Privacy & Security

Only you own the notes data. It never leaves your computer. You can optionally turn on backup to our secure servers powered by Google. Helping you avoid losing your notes.

Free Forever - Basic Plan

Basic plan with features like bold, italics, underline are now free forever.
No credit card needed.

Free Forever

  • Limited to 3 Notes
  • Bold, italic, underline
  • Create unlimited lists
  • Basic Themes
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Premium Plan

  • All 9 Notes
  • Premium Animated themes
  • Automatic backup of notes
  • Access notes anywhere
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Premium Support
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Will change your life

What's New

We’ve just released StickyNotes 2.1.
It brings lots of new features and improvements. We are really grateful to our awesome users for proposing most of these things.

  • More Animated Themes
  • More Fonts
  • Referral and Earn
  • Improved Login / Backup
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Other small improvements
  • Bug Fixes & App Stability



Testimonials from our 1,500,000+ happy users:

Sticky Notes - just popped up! is used by thousands of people every day.

We've received hundreds of emails that make us proud of this app. We also have great reviews on Chrome Webstore.

Here are some reviews from our users:

Ambeswa Mgandela

great time saver. I just need to click on the top right and annotate. I love it!!!!!!!!

Eyad Shelton

Don't waste your time looking for anything else if you want basic, simple, and easy to use. I like it, just what I was looking for.

Rafhaan Shah

Wonderful notes extension. Pops up easily, does not ask for stupid permissions like 50% of extensions on the store, and just works very well.

Richa Rana

Just loved it after the update. The themes are just wow. It gives you fully personalized option.

Roberto Ciccolella

I am a web developer and often I need to paste some snippets of code to re use on the project I am working on, to use a full featured app like Google Docs or Evernote was overkill and not that convenient since you have to wait the app to load etc. Sticky Notes is a joy to use because it is super fast. Brilliant!

Rachael and Lifestyle

I love this. I am a non-fiction writer so I definitely recommend to use this for reports.

Our users saves half a day every year,
we all know time is money.

Sticky Notes saves you time & money.

Spend your saved time on other productive things like building your product or read books.

Step 1
Copy text

While browsing, Copy any text you want to note. You can do Ctrl+C

0.5 sec
Step 2
1-Click & open app

Click on the Sticky-Notes app icon inside the browser (Right-Top)

0.5 sec
Step 3
Paste into your app

Paste the text Using Ctrl+V anywhere in the notes app.

And you are done. :)

0.5 sec

Sticky Notes has been crafted for everyone.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, a teacher, or employed in a job, you will surely love it.

Perfect forStudents
Perfect forBusinessman
Perfect forHeavy Internet Users

What this Extension is not:

1. No Multiple devices sync.
    Use separate logins for multiple browsers.
2. Mobile app is not available at the moment.
(although premium users can read notes on any device by signing into the website)

Some of the Frequently-Asked-Questions

Is there any special discount for students?

If you are currently studying and would like to use premium features of Sticky Notes at a discounted price, please contact us at support@ukiv.com with a photocopy of your student ID.

Is there any bulk discount?

For buying bulk premium licences, please contact us at priority@ukiv.com, and we can discuss a special pricing for you.

How do I suggest new features?

You can mail us at support@ukiv.com.

One time payment or subscription?

Its a subscription payment system that keeps our expenses in check and better manage the servers based on users. However, there is an option to make a one-time payment for unlimited lifetime use. To access this deal, you can mail us at support@ukiv.com

Sticky Notes app has been crafted for everyone. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or employed in a job, you will surely love it.

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