About Us

At Ukiv (Sticky Note’s parent company), our mission is make life easy and simple for everyone so that they can concentrate on what matters in their life. We fulfill this mission through our app, StickyNotes.

StickyNotes makes people effortlessly stay organized and saves their time. StickyNotes has been one of the most popular quick note-taking apps on Chrome Webstore (extension store). Since its launch, over a million users have downloaded it worldwide.

Ukiv was founded in 2011.

What's New

We’ve just released StickyNotes 2.1.
It brings lots of new features and improvements. We are really grateful to our awesome users for proposing most of these things.

  • More Animated Themes
  • More Fonts
  • Referral and Earn
  • Improved Login / Backup
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Other small improvements
  • Bug Fixes & App Stability

Unique productivity app for your browser!

Watch how 1Million+ users are making their lives easy every day:

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Free Forever - Basic Plan

Basic plan with features like bold, italics, underline are now free forever.
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Free Forever

  • Limited to 3 Notes
  • Bold, italic, underline
  • Create unlimited lists
  • Basic Themes
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Premium Plan

  • All 9 Notes
  • Premium Animated themes
  • Automatic backup of notes
  • Access notes anywhere
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Premium Support
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Testimonials from our 1,500,000+ happy users:

Sticky Notes - just popped up! is used by thousands of people every day.

We've received hundreds of emails that make us proud of this app. We also have great reviews on Chrome Webstore.

Here are some reviews from our users:

Ambeswa Mgandela

great time saver. I just need to click on the top right and annotate. I love it!!!!!!!!

Eyad Shelton

Don't waste your time looking for anything else if you want basic, simple, and easy to use. I like it, just what I was looking for.

Rafhaan Shah

Wonderful notes extension. Pops up easily, does not ask for stupid permissions like 50% of extensions on the store, and just works very well.

Richa Rana

Just loved it after the update. The themes are just wow. It gives you fully personalized option.

Roberto Ciccolella

I am a web developer and often I need to paste some snippets of code to re use on the project I am working on, to use a full featured app like Google Docs or Evernote was overkill and not that convenient since you have to wait the app to load etc. Sticky Notes is a joy to use because it is super fast. Brilliant!

Rachael and Lifestyle

I love this. I am a non-fiction writer so I definitely recommend to use this for reports.

Our users saves half a day every year,
we all know time is money.