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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any special discount for students?

If you are currently studying and would like to use premium features of Sticky Notes at a discounted price, please contact us at support@ukiv.com with a photocopy of your student ID.

Is there any bulk discount?

For buying bulk premium licences, please contact us at priority@ukiv.com, and we can discuss a special pricing for you.

How do I suggest new features and feedback?

We would love to hear from you at support@ukiv.com.

One time payment or subscription?

Its a subscription payment system that keeps our expenses in check and better manage the servers based on users. However, there is an option to make a one-time payment for unlimited lifetime use. To access this deal, you can mail us at support@ukiv.com

How can I add more than 9 notes?

This app is optimized for ephemeral use. Based on the common feedback and research on productively using this app, we are currently providing 3 notes per folder So total 9 notes.

How can I delete note?

You can delete the text from the note or hide the note itself which you don't want to see. 1) To clear the text (when text is no longer needed), select the note, click dropdown arrow on bottom right of the note, then click on clear. 2) To hide the note (when text is temporarily not needed), go to dropdown arrow present in the folder tab and untick the note you want to hide.

How can I add image in the note?

Currently, this functionality is not supported.

I want to keep the popup open all the time even when I click outside the popup.

Chrome browser auto-close the extension when clicked outside the popup. If you want to keep the extension opened all the time, then you can click 'Open in a new tab' from the app.

How can I drag the popup?

Chrome browser does not support this functionality for the popup interface. However, we have a hack for it - you can open the note in new tab from the app and drag it anywhere as needed.

Where is my data backed up and how can I see it?

If you are on Premium plan, you can read your notes from anywhere by logging into: https://apps.ukiv.com/login. Your data is stored on secure and reliable servers managed by Google's team. To restore the data to the new install, just login into the extension. To backup data, just click on backup inside the extension. If you are unsure, just email us and we will guide you.

My extension is zoomed. How do I reset it?

Open the popup in new tab and reset zoom to 100% in the new tab. Now, if you open popup it will not be zoomed.

How do I cancel my premium subscription?

You can manage your subscription by visiting the links given in the email received from us. Or reach out to us at support@ukiv.com we will help you.

I have some problem with the extension. How do I report?

You can mail us at support@ukiv.com along with screenshots and explanation.

For anything else please reach out to us at support@ukiv.com
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Ambeswa Mgandela

great time saver. I just need to click on the top right and annotate. I love it!!!!!!!!

Eyad Shelton

Don't waste your time looking for anything else if you want basic, simple, and easy to use. I like it, just what I was looking for.

Rafhaan Shah

Wonderful notes extension. Pops up easily, does not ask for stupid permissions like 50% of extensions on the store, and just works very well.

Richa Rana

Just loved it after the update. The themes are just wow. It gives you fully personalized option.

Roberto Ciccolella

I am a web developer and often I need to paste some snippets of code to re use on the project I am working on, to use a full featured app like Google Docs or Evernote was overkill and not that convenient since you have to wait the app to load etc. Sticky Notes is a joy to use because it is super fast. Brilliant!

Rachael and Lifestyle

I love this. I am a non-fiction writer so I definitely recommend to use this for reports.

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